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Presentations / Conferences

Roman Vogelgsang
posted this on July 01, 2011 17:45

Do you want to show your board to a colleague or client? Great! There are 3 different modes available. To activate one of the modes, click on the toggle switch for the feature you want. These switches are located on the bottom right hand corner of the board.


Live Locations

Colored squares show you the area other live participants are looking at. This can be used with the Video function, but should not be used with Moderator (as the Moderator controls all viewing locations).



Your video and voice will be broadcasted to all participants on the board.

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Everybody will see the screen area and mouse cursor of the presenting person. If you follow somebody you see his or her window area (don't be surprised when the window moves) and the mouse cursor. If you do the presentation yourself you see your cursor in the same way your followers do. You can do the moderation function along with video - so you can show yourself presenting as well as the content you are presenting!


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